NCAA / College Commitments

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2017-2018 Commitments
Steven Kozikoski – Oswego State NCAA D-3
Malik Lamotte-Stokes – GCU ACHA D-2

2016-2017 Commitments
Tucker Bartenslager – Eastern Michigan ACHA D-1
Oscar Lande – Eastern Michigan ACHA D-1
Hunter Soden – Eastern Michigan ACHA D-1
Nate Walker – Framingham State NCAA D-3
Ramsey Mayne – Louisville – ACHA D-2
Ryan Schiede Weber State – ACHA D-2

2015-2016 Commitments

Raymond Rowe – Arizona U.  ACHA  D-1


2014-2015 Commitments

Xavier Perron- Utica College ECAC West (NCAA DIII)

Braeden Pearl- Western New England University ECAC North East (NCAA DIII)

2013-2014 Commitments

Josh Sova- SUNY Canton (NCAA DIII)
Jon Lauer- SUNY Morrisville (NCAA DIII)
Zac Totten- Becker College (NCAA DIII)
Trent Yule- SUNY Canton (NCAA DIII)

2012-2013 Commitments

Division I
Trace Pennock- Goalie- Ferris State University (NCAA Division I)

Division III
Alex Huizenga- Defense- Morrisville State University (NCAA Division III)
Kyle Williams- Defense- Western New England College (NCAA Division III)
Dalton Moore- Defense- SUNY Canton (NCAA Division III)

The following players have been place by Mike Beavis over the previous years coaching throughout Junior Hockey:

Division I
Tim Potter- Clarkson
Brian Long- Colgate
Chris Spracklin- Army
Shaun Saunders- Umass Amherst
Doug Kublin- Umass Amherst
Pat Kelleher- St.Lawrence
Chris Noonan- Niagara
Evan Lucas- Northern Michigan

Division III
Sean Omalley- Brockport
Gentry Zoellers- Brockport
Ben Binga- Cortland
Steve Rizer- Fredonia
Steve Plancey- Westfield St.
Kyle Green- Potsdam
Tyler Davis- Brockport
Andrew Dinklemyer- WNEC
Zack Gross- Curry
Ryan Howarth- Connecticut College
Justin Bolla- Utica
Geoff Matzel- Morrisville
Nick Paben- Southern NH
Matt Wallace- Hobart